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The R&B rapper, composer and American guitarist Carisa Zhavia Ward. The mononym Zhavia is more common. As a Californian, since she was a girl, Zhavia has followed musical aspirations. Their parents, who were two musicians, had influenced them by the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Post Malone.

She started her career as a singer when she participated in talent shows and open micro competitions and then took the chance to participate in a recording academy run by producers Thomas Barsoe in the Urban Medicines Department at the OC Hit Factory.

In 2018, she participated as an entry-level contestant at the first season of Fox’s’ The Four: Fight for Stardom,’ a reality television competition show. Since that time, she has released two individuals,’ Candlelight’ and’ Deep Down,’ and has collaborated on the soundtrack ‘ Welcome to the Club’ for the superheroic film Deadpool 2 with Diplo, French Montana and Lil Pump.

Zhavia’s Bio,Wiki, Age

Zhavia was born in Orange County, California on the 6th or 7th of March 2001. Bobbi Jo Black is her mother’s name. She has two sisters, Poiema and Tabitha and a Pierce brother. She has two sisters. The dad of Zhavia was himself a singer of R&B. Before she became a coatwoman, her mother was a member of a metal band. At the moment she is in Los Angeles at a beauty salon. She is a nationally American and has white origins. Through following her mom’s direction Bobbi Jo Black, a lead singer in her band called Metal, she developed her foundation in music. She is 19 years old.
She and her siblings split from Zhavia when she was very young and were later brought up between Norwalk and Monrovia by their mother in SoCal. During this time they moved from house to house with family and friends.

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Zhavia’s Career

In October2017, Fox Broadcasting Company management invited the company to audition its new competition show “The Four: Fight for Stardom” for some of its artists. She told him that there was a very different concept of “The Four” from “American Idol” and “The Voice.” While the two last shows concentrated on relatively untrained stars,’ The Four’ searched out high-end performers who were eager for a ride as soon as the show ended. Barsoe discovered that Zhavia is the perfect candidate for the series during his conversations.

At that time in the next room she wrote music. Barsoe invited her to go and she did a good interview, but wouldn’t take part in the show. Yet then, they succeeded in convincing her.
The first part of the first season of’ The Four, “broadcasted by Zhavia on January 4, 2018, made her TV debut. Not only was she voted unanimously by all four judges but she was also declared the episode’s winner. In the four season, she was eliminated but eventually returned due to public vote. As one of the four finalists she concluded the race, and then signed a record deal with Columbia Records.

She’s been featured in the album,” Welcome to the Party” in the’ Deadpool 2′ songs,’ as she has since released the two singles ‘ Candlelight’ and’ Deep Down.’
On various social media platforms, Zhavia is very popular. She has some 200,000 Twitter followers, more than a million Facebook followers, and 3,3 million Instagram followers. In addition, over 530,000 subscribers and some 20 million views on their YouTube channel accrued.

It was always part of her life that music. In addition to her parents, she has taken inspiration from careers including Wiz Khalifa and Post Malone by popular artists. She was already appearing at local talent shows and open events when she was 15. When she was 15.
Thomas Barsoe, a Danish record producer who set up the OC Hit Factory at the District Shopping Mall in Tustin Ranch in February 2017, met Zhavia and his mother. Their Department of Urban Music was headed by the rapper Dr. Dre’s friend, Curtis Young. In the region of Orange County Barsoe and Young searched out formidable new talents and recognized the promise of Zhavia instantly.

Upon visiting Barsoe for a week, she auditioned the Fugees rework of’ Killing Me Softly’ for him and Young. Her success profoundly inspired them both and Barsoe persuaded Zhavia and her mom to let him be her manager and told them that before Christmas that year, he would get big chances for her. She was then educated at home to graduate early in her choral career and focus on her singing.

Zhavia’s Tattoo

The Zhavia Ward of the Four has just been surprised by the tattoo! The tattoo reveals an angel wings in a very special person’s life. Zhavia’s boyfriend Emmanuel Lateju’s tattoo, created by @nesssaurelia. The pair also post photos of each other up to March 2018. Many public appearances have taken place since then, and Coachella has even performed together last year.
Nevertheless, the tattoo is outstanding artistically. It looks like Emmanuel, really! But the wings of the angels are a lot to my liking. And it’s a bold decision to get a boyfriend’s tattoo. There seem to be other fans agreeing with me. Some of the articles are here:

Zhavia’s The Four

Zhavia’s Boyfriend

Zhavia has not yet been married. And her boyfriend Emmanuel Lateju has a romantic relationship. She also posts photos on social media with her  boyfriend.