The professional trainer, the American fitness model as well as ISSA. He co-founded V Shred online fitness company to serve as CEO. He shared his fitness plans, tips and more with his million V-Shred YouTube subscribers. Vince Sant, American fitness coach, shares the secrets of keeping the body strong and balanced in order to preserve energy and vitality.

Vince Sant Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Model, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Height, Instagram, Siblings, Parents

Who is Vince Sant ?

The trainer, the American fitness model and the ISSA. He founded a co-foundation of V Shred online gym to act as CEO. He shared with his millions of V-Shred YouTube members his fitness plans, tips and more. American fitness coach Vince Sant shares the secrets of maintaining a strong and balanced body to protect energy and vitality.

He is one of the fastest growing brands, cofounder and CEO of V Shred for online workouts. In addition, the ISSA accredited coach Vince is a fitness model with more than 1 million subscribers offering mainly advice about practice techniques, diet and wellness on his V Shred YouTube channel.

Short Info:

Name: Vince Sant
Birth Date: December 31, 1993
Age: 26 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Fitness Trainer, Model
Country: America
Horoscope: Capricorn
Height: 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Dating: Ashley Rossi
Net Worth: $5 million
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Birth Place: Ohio
status: Relationship
Nationality: American
Education: Fairmont High School
Father: Eric
Mother: Roxanne
Siblings: Cassie , Zoe

Vince Sant’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents

On December 31, 1993, Vince Sant was born in the USA in Ohio. The Capricorn zodiac sign was 27 years old by 2020. The son of Roxanne and Eric. Vince was brought up by two sisters named Cassie and Zoe. Sant, a white ethnic group, is an American citizen. In his study at Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio, Vinces were interested in sports, especially football. However, he was forced to acknowledge this, but he graduated impressively because he had no body mass in the sport.

Vince Sant’s Salary, Net Worth

Vince got a good fortune from his career. His net worth is approximately $ 5 million, mainly from his internet career. He is a lot of supporters and has his own goods mostly sold on It currently includes a personalized T-shirt, hoodies and accessories. The items are generally selling at $20 and $50 in no time. He still drives luxury cars. His cars have not been recognized yet, however.

Vince Sant’s Girlfriend

His girlfriend Vince and Ashley Rossi are picturesque goals. Fitness and social media power are also Italian-American beauty and operate a cloak-line called New. She wisely uses her college degree when she studied and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and fashion design.

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Ashley is also a businessman who helped to grow her business interest. Vince and his girlfriend describe their expectations and take photos or videos in social media every time. They are frequently seen in the fitness centre, trained as a couple and their fans appreciate what they share.

Vince Sant’s Model, Career

As a profession, Vince is a gym instructor. It uploads tips and tutorials on various websites, particularly on its YouTube channel V Shred. V Shred is also available. His videos helped many people to at least testify to it without any details.

In order to further demonstrate its fitness relevance, as of July 2019 it now had over 76.8 million views on its Youtube channel launched on 25 January 2015. Thanks to its useful videos, the channel has over 1.1 million loyal subscribers. Three videos are released on the channel every week. Vince Sant has been proud, as expected, of other social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Vince Sant’s Height

Vince Sant’s first striking feature is its 6-foot height. It is unknown for its body weight, but its tail is 30 centimeters, whilst its rippled body says it did not publicize its remaining dimensions. Her hazel eyes compliment her beauty with her brown hair. His definite features certainly attract more fans and he will not apologize for his flaunts.

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