Robert Rusler Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Actor, Parents, Married, Wife, Spouse, Wedding, Movies, Net Worth, Salary, Height

Robert Rusler Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Actor, Parents, Married, Wife, Spouse, Wedding, Movies, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Image
Robert Rusler Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Actor, Parents, Married, Wife, Spouse, Wedding, Movies, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Image

Robert Rusler is an American actor used in media outlets, such as Ron Grady ‘s Revenge, in the horror film A Nightmare at Elm Street 2 He acted in the Video camera Wing Commander IV, with Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell as stars of the 1995 Video Game Simulator.

Robert Rusler Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents

Robert Rusler opened his eyes on 20 September 1965 in Fort Wayne , Indiana. He’s 55 years of age since 2020, but his horoscope is Virgo. He’s Rusler ‘s son and Richard C Rusler ‘s son, Maria Elena (Mother). Robert is an American mixed race member. Rusler and his family moved to Los Angeles and won several other competitions, practicing martial arts. After finishing high school, he began playing lessons at Loft Studio.

Short info:

Name: Robert Rusler
Birth Date: September 20, 1965
Age: 54 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor
Country: United States
Horoscope: Virgo
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Wife: Erin Louise Jellison
Married: Erin Louise Jellison
Net Worth: $1 million
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Birth Place: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Status: Married
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Father: Richard C Rusler
Mother: Maria Elena Rusler
Kids: James Rusler, Charlie Rusler, and Johnny Ray Rusler

Robert Rusler’s Career

Before entering the acting field, Robert Rusler used to surf and skateboard in a semi-professional way. Then, in his first science-fi comedy teenage film, Weird Science (1985), he appeared as Max.

The following year, in horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, he appeared as Ron Grady. In the 1991 TV movie Stephen King’s Sometimes They Come Back, he also performed as Richard Lawson. In 1995, he played in a Wing Commander IV science videospiel simulator, starring Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell.

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Films & TV Spectacles:

Hundreds of movies and TV shows have seen Robert so far. He is famous for several films such as Science Weird (1985), Shag (1989), Revenge Freddy’s (2011), Embrace Final (2002), Air Strike (2002), Nightmare 2 Elm Street and many more. Furthermore his remarkable television shows are: Babylon 5 (1994 – 1998), Angel Falls (1993) and Light as a feather.

Freddy’s Revenge: a Nightmare at Elm Street 2

The Return of Freddy is an American film that appeared in 1985. Elm Street 2 Nightmare: The film was made available, and after its first release, mixed reviews were received. The film was made by Jack Sholder and was led by Robert Englund, Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler, etc. It was Elm Street’s second film “A Nightmare,” and the 1984 movie “A Nightmare” by Elm Street.

Dream Warriors followed a Nightmare on Elm Street 3.Strange Weird Science Research was published in 1985 as an American teen comic book. The title of the film is taken from the precomics authority’s EC Comics magazine from the 1950s. The movie was directed by John Hughes, leading figures were Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock. In addition, Oingo Boingo, the new American wave band, wrote the title of the film and performed it.

Robert Rusler’s Salary, Net Worth

Robert Rusler plans to earn nearly $ 2 million in net worth as an agent by 2020. According to some online data, the performer’s annual salary in the US is $39.84 per hour and estimates it to be $56.02 K per year.

Robert Rusler’s Wife, Wedding

The wedding knot was tied to his lovely wife, Erin Louise Jellison by Robert Rusler. In an intimate ceremony before closest friends and family the couple exchanged their marriage vows. James Rusler, Charlie Rusler, Johnny Ray Rusler and three married girls. The 5 families lived a happy and prosperous life together until then.

Robert Rusler’s Height

Robert Rusler has a height of 6 feet 1 inch. The bright brown hair of Rusler ‘s eyes is dark brown. Robert is popular on many platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Robert Rusler’s Short & Detail Information

Robert Rusler was born in Fuerte Wayne, Indiana, to Maria Elena (born September 20, 1965) and Richard C. Rusler.

He is an American movie actor and television actor. He moved to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii where he took part in local tournaments and started semi-professional surfing and skateboarding.

He then moved with his family to Los Angeles, studying martial arts and participating in several contests.

Robert tried as a high-school actor and, with Peggy Feury and William Taylor, started taking acting classes at Loft Studio.

The hit comedy film Weird Science as Max was his first film in 1985.

He starred in the horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 later that year. Freddy’s Revenge As Grady.

As he filmed the film, Rob, and the movie star, Mark Patton became close friends.

He also performed as Richard Lawson in the 1991 film Stephen King’s Sometimes They Come Back.

His most famous work was in the science fiction series Babylon 5, which was featured in TV series like Tim Shepard’s Outsiders in 1990 and Angel Falls in 1993.

For the SFV video game, Wing Commander IV, which starred Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell in 1995, he played in the flight simulator.

In addition, he was recently featured in the episode of the television series The Unit. The Facts of Life, Snoops, the Cold Case, Medium, The Unit, The Closer, 24, The Navy, NCIS, and Rusler were featured on TV. He has starred in a commercial directed by Oliver Stone and in Season Three Enterprise as an Orgoth “Anomaly.”