Parker Nirenstein Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Media, Car

Who is Parker Nirenstein ?

Parker Nirenstein is an American collector of cars who became famous for his work on the “Vehicle Virgins” YouTube channel. Nirenstein is one of the most popular network names with over 2 million subscribers. Many still name Parker as the guy who was born with a silver spoon.

Nonetheless, he has worked so hard to get to his place today.Still, Parker is one of many young people’s main inspirations. This car-lover has attracted a large audience and now makes a little more money from his passion. Now let’s learn more about this many-wheeled guy.

Parker Nirenstein’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Parker was born in Palo Alto, California on 24 June 1994. He was born to American parents, who had a technology company on the American market that was doing quite well. His father was a big businessman, but Parker’s mother was a home-made man. We know that Nirenstein is a white-ethnic and holds American nationality, although little is known about his early years.
Parker went to the Redwood High School, now looking at his grades. He then entered the Tufts University after earning his high school diploma. Following his new years, however, Nirentein studied mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan.

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Parker Nirentstein and his sister were raised in Palo Alto and from the very beginning enjoyed a lavish life. His dad gave them every convenience and comfort they ever wanted. Mother Parker always worked hard and brought up the moral values of her children.

That’s why the family still lives and is happy about it under one roof. Parker Nirentstein is American and a white ethnic group. Parker Nirentstein went to high school in Redwood and completed his secondary education there. Afterwards he became a graduate of the University of Tufts.

Parker Nirenstein’s Career

Peter Nirenstein took the motor reconstruction classes after completion of his mechanical engineering. He tried to be Mr. Know-All of Vehicles, so he did everything that made him the arts master. Shortly afterward, he began to teach other children about the repair of the engine and vehicles. This he did to win for his BMW 3 series dream car.

Though his obsession with cars was constant from a very young age, he only developed his love for the powerful machines with his major in mechanicals. In the reconstruction class, he was also the youngest member. Parker started tutoring more children to make money on his dream car, slowly but inevitably.

In fact, when the YouTube channel, “Vehicle Virgins” began, he was still studying at university. Parker did not really have high hopes for her after launching the channel on 12 January 2012. Nonetheless, he featured, analyzed and distributed insightful videos to viewers. Today, Nirenstein has more than 2 million people standing in line to show his video.

Parker Nirenstein’s Dating, Girlfriend

He is currently away from any romantic relationships as he looks at personal aspects of Nirenstein’s life. Nirenstein wants to focus more on his work and has no distractions by looking at things. In fact, he’s always a young man and has a lot of time to think about his love life. Besides its romance, Parker likes to show some of his videos to his family members. In these photos, your family members will find some amazing reactions.

Parker Nirenstein’s Salary, Net Worth

As a successful vlogger, Peter Nirentstein has since 2012 developed his fundamental revenue source. In compliance with YouTube payment guidelines for every 1000 views, a vlogger will receive $18 and about $70,000 per year with 2 millions subscribers and nearly 480.000 views.

His net value should already be 6 digits with all of this. In 2014, Parker Nirenstein sold the business for $1 billion and since then he has focused on other unknown ventures. He has been the director of a motor technology company.

Peter Nirentstein has now a large range of cars, who has just been working to buy himself cars and enjoy his passion. He has a 135,000 dollar Mercedes package.

It holds about $104,000,000 worth of BMW M5, $400,000 worth of Holden Hurricane, 145,000 dollars worth of yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. Peter should also stay in California’s very luxurious home.

Parker Nirenstein’s Social Media, Cars

Parker really lives the vision when you think of his age and what he has achieved. He is one of Youtube’s most renowned names and will make a large amount of money. Looking at its subscriber’s account and display count, Parker makes just over six hundred thousand dollars a year.

If that’s inadequate, Nirenstein will also provide support for social media platforms and advertising. He also owns a Gallardo Lamborghini, a Mercedes S Class, a BMW M5, an Holden Hurricane, etc. to add to his comfort.

In social media platforms, Parker is also fairly active. On platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, He has a big following. While his fan of Instagram is just over 282k, his YouTube fan is tall with over 2 million followers. More information about him can be found on the following websites with handles.

Parker Nirenstein’s Height

Parker Nirenstein has a perfect body figure that compliments his perfectly round beautiful face. He is decently tall around 5.10 inches in height and he maintains a sexy, handsome and beautiful figure with a body weight of 70 kilograms.