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For a brief span of time, Cuban actor Ojani Noa was once married to  American singer Jennifer Lopez and divided friendly. Jennifer chose her  profession over him, leading to an end to the connection between the  couple.

Ojani Noa Bio’s, Wiki, Age

Ojani Noa was born in Cuba on June 11, 1974. He is more than an average American height at a height of 6’1 “(1.85 m). He has a Spanish-Cuban ethnicity. He is a Cuban immigrant and started his career as a chef. He also had a brief stint in acting, according to his bio, and is best known  for appearing in the Supervivientes 2008 series: Perdidos en el Caribe.

Ojani Noa Bio’s Married, Profession

Ojani received considerable attention as American singer’s former wife, Jennifer Lopez. While working as a waiter in a restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, he encountered Jennifer Lopez. The couple then married in 1997 before Jennifer in the music industry was a household name. The pair divided after Noa claimed that instead of their marriage they wished to concentrate on their career.

Following the divorce, there was more action between Ojani and Jennifer than when they were married. With both the partyed threatening the other with lawsuits and counterclaims, the divorce of the couple ranks among the most ugliest in history.

After trying to spread a tell-all film based on the revealing home-footages, Ojani was first brought to court in the 90s. That wasn’t the first time he was threatening her, though. In 2007, unless he was paid $5 million, he threatened to write a tell-all memoir about the couple’s moment together. However, the judges ruled in favor of Jennifer awarding her $545,000 and ruled against any information of their relationship being published.

Ojani Noa Bio’s Career, Networth

Ojani is a personal trainer who has become an actor. At the age of 18, he did modeling. In the Cuban restaurant, Larios On the Beach, he also worked as a waiter. In some TV series such as Telemundo and Univision, he appeared. In 2008, Rappin-n-Rhyming produced his film debut in the film. In Vendetta he was also featured: No Mercy in 2004. $750 Thousand is Ojani Noa Net Worth.

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