Nouveau Cheap Bio, Age, Career,Personal Life, Networth, Salary

New Cheap, known as “G” is a blogger famous for her budget-friendly make-up thoughts, ideas for the making of drugs, and tricks and beauty advice. New is a lover of fashion, arts and literature. Her writing abilities as well as her passion for beauty have become a favorite among her supporters, clubbed with her articles that assist the public with drugstore making instead of costly cosmetic alternatives. Her blog, Nouveau Cheap, is true to her name with posts that assist the people pick the finest pharmaceutical products almost as good as their branded counterparts. It also appears in exhibitions and other activities promoting simple and economical cosmetics.

Nouveau Cheap’s Bio, Age

Nouveau Cheapwas born on 13 December 1970 in San Diego, CA. Since adolescence, Nouveau Cheap has been interested in makeup and in 2009 she began blogging. Initially, Nouveau posted in her blog about inexpensive and safety products that could be afforded by the general public and which could yield a comparable yield to the ones sold in department shops only. She soon became famous among internet masses by her economic medicinal make-up remedies. She engages actively with the readers to make sure that all doubts are clarified before they take up a cosmetic brand. From today, her blog also has costly brands, but only when the goods are discounted.

Nouveau Cheap’s career

She’s currently one of the most famous making professionals in the digital world, and the go-to for everyone who wants to look gorgeous and fun as super-models, but who doesn’t spend the fortune on the cover pages of these fashion magazines! As cited on their blog, “Well, I’m thrifty, but with a laser-like accuracy this $1 lipstick has been chosen and it’s likely Chanel when you see me wearing it!”. Interestingly, the phrase ‘new chic’ is a play with her blog title, which implies you can achieve a shoestring budget that looks ideal.

Nouveau Cheap’s Personal Life

She was one of the girls since infancy who looked at models with glossy make-up images. As she grew up, she creates methods without much expenditure for healthy maquillage. Nouveau is a fan of British literary studies, so she decided on a blog rather than a YouTube channel to share her thoughts with the public, merely because it was easier to speak than to speak out in writing. Nouveau lives with her friend, a lovers of music, scent and nail polishes in San Diego. Nouveau is a fan of girlfriends.

Nouveau Cheap’s Networth, Salary

Nouveau Cheap’s estimated net worth is about $1 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes & Various Online. Her wages are not, however, publicly available in any source.