Marika Gerrard Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Family

Marika Gerrard

American television reporter Hanna Zoey Tur’s ex-wife, Marika Gerrard is both an American and a photographer journalist. She is also renowned for creating the news business Los Angeles News Service with her now ex-husband back in the 1980s, in addition to being an ex-wife of the renowned reporter.

Marika Gerrard’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Marika Gerrard is still lacking data about her date of birth. She was awarded a Bachelor of Law degree. She later went to study a Masters in Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Marika Gerrard’s Career

Gerrard began her career working for the LA Times, covering several popular stories like the killings of the Laurel Canyon. She served as an aerial videographer at the business for 17 years. She left the 1997 network.
She co-founded the news business Los Angeles News Service in 1983 along with her ex-husband, Marika, who was the first to television a high-speed police chase. The firm manufactured and licensed video and audio recordings of major occurrences.
They also had agreements with multiple networks, including news radio station KNX, KCOP, KCBS-TV, and many others. Some of her remarkable job involves video footage of Reginald Denny’s murder during the 1992 riots and the 1994 OJ Simpson street chase.

Marika Gerrard’s Networth

From her career as a journalist and photographer, Marika Gerrard has accumulated a profitable net worth. But her net worth and income are full mysteries as of now. Sources, however, argue that the net worth of Gerrard is about $500,000.
In addition, an American Journalist’s average wage is around $39,484 per year. Likewise, the photographer earns $63,688, but we can suppose she earns more than the average wage if we look at her experience.

Marika Gerrard’s Married,

Marika Gerrard may currently be single, but she was married to Hanna Zoey Tur, a transgender American news reporter. Gerrard is five years older than Hanna Zoey Tur, her ex-husband.

The former couple first met at the Bruin Movie Theater in Westwood in 1978 and eventually fell in love with each other. In 1983 they tied the knot and had two kids, Katy Tur was born in 1983 and James Tur was born in 1985.

In addition, their daughter Katy is a well-known news reporter working for NBC News, while son James is a Rowan University medical student in Glassboro, New Jersey. He completed his degree in 2018.

Marika Hanna Zoey Tur tangled into some irreconcilable problems after more than two centuries of marriage relationship that eventually caused the couple to end their friendship in a divorce.