Maggie Bustamante

Maggie Bustamante Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Height

Maggie Bustamante is popular from her boyfriend Zach Kornfeld She announced their connection on 12 December 2018, after having kept it a secret for two years. The couple have a puppy in their social media, which appeared in October 2017. She revealed in her social media he was co-parenting the dog with a friend who believed that he was co-parenting a child with his partner. Maggie Bustamante has been posting photos on her Instagram since October 2016 with Kornfeld which have even fuelled the speculation.

Maggie Bustamante’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Maggie Bustamante’s date of birth and birth place is hot published. She keeps separate her parents and education also. Her accurate age also unknown. But her boyfriend Zachary Andrew Kornfeld was born on 26 July 1990 in Scarsdale, New York, USA. He has the sign of Leo, which describes him as a loving, creative and warm, dignified character.

The dad of Adam Kornfeld was born and the mother of Margo Kornfeld. He is a US citizen, and as far as his ethnicity is concerned he is a white American. With regard to his studies, he graduated from the Emerson College with the Bachelor of Fine Arts, completed his primary and secondary schooling at his local colleges and then his higher education.

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Maggie Bustamante’s Career

Her fix career is not reveled. The photographs of Maggie’s Instagram show that she was part of several of the main Try Guys moments and was part of the trips with Kornfeld’s best friends and employees, Ned and Keith. She was at Keith’s marriage to Becky last September and was awarded the 2018 Streamy Awards by Kornfeld, hosted by The Try Guys (and the recipient of the year series award).

Who is Maggie Bustamante’s Dating?

Since June 2016, the two dates are Maggie Bustamante and Zach Kornfeld. 
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Maggie Bustamante’s Net Worth

Her net worth is not reveled in the media. But her partner Kornfeld is part of the $2 million The Try Guys and, as a result, we can calculate that he also has a decent net value, but he has not revealed his exact net value. When Kornfeld was at BuzzFeed, an average employee earns about 65,092 dollars a year, according to sources.

The reports suggest that TRY Guys leaders earned a huge net income of 200 thousand dollars from their jobs. Fulmer has a net value of about 6 million dollars, with Yang’s net worth of 700 thousand dollars.

The sources reported the monthly revenues of the Try Guys YouTube channel were $14.4 K-$ 230.5 K and they earned approximately $172.9 K-$ 2.8 M per year.

Maggie Bustamante’s Boyfriend

She is linked to the boy Zach Kornfeld. On December 12, 2018, after 2 years of silence, he revealed their ties. The pair have a dog that made their debut in October 2017 on their social networks.

Through his social media, he declared that he parented the dog with a friend and suggested that he co-parented the pet with his mother. From October 2016 Maggie Bustamante would post photos, which had also fuel the rumors, on her Instagram with Kornfeld.

They kept the mainstream secret about their relations, but the trial guys knew all of them. Throughout Kornfeld’s life Maggie Bustamante, who stayed outside the media, played a major part. She supported him throughout his illness diagnosis.

Maggie Bustamante’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.6 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 59 kilograms.

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