Lauren Blanchard

Lauren Blanchard Bio,Wiki, Age, Career, Salary, Net Worth, Husband, Dating, Married, Height, Instagram, Twitter, Life

Lauren Blanchard has become recognized as one of the leading national news reporters on the channel. She has worked for the Rupert Murdoch network all her career, but she’s been one of Blanchard’s best reporters in the field, covering Bernie Sanders ‘ campaign at the 2016 presidential elections. We have details from the wiki of Lauren Blanchard to underline her remarkable achievements as a journalist.

Lauren Blanchard’s Bio,Wiki, Age

Lauren Blanchard was born on October 13, 1990, and is the only girl of three children born in the family of Blanchard. She is not related to the former governor of Michigan James Blanchard despite her unique last name.

Lauren Blanchard took a Bachelor of Communications Science from the University of Michigan in 2008 and graduated in 2012.

In the university student-run TV, WOLV-TV, she began broadcasting journalism where she was director. Her job at WOLV won her 2010 WOLVies Rookie of the Year Award and 2012 Best Packages.
She had previously graduated from the Fox News Washington, D.C. with a two-year stage in LindyLezar Communications LLC. Office in the curriculum of the University of Fox News Channel.

Lauren Blanchard’s Career

Throughout her internship Blanchard worked on a special report with Bret Baier and fell in love with the “organized chaos” of TV news. She called WOLV-TV a “Little Leagues to the World Series” when she compared WOLV-TV to the FNCU program.

Blanchard stayed with the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha for 4 active years while she was house manager at the University of Michigan. She also took part in the university’s research for the on-campus Young Life College to improve student religion.

Blanchard was a successful intern at Fox News to get her a job on the network. She moved to D.C shortly after graduation. Work in the production room of Fox News as a desk assistant.

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She found a role as a production assistant at Fox News Sunday after four months. She worked in the series as well as in writing and even created graphics for the show. When she was appointed junior reporter for Fox News, Blanchard moved to Iowa briefly for two years. But she was back in 2016 as a reporter at the Washington desk.

For her first major task as a national correspondent, she was given a presidential campaign in 2016.

Last year, on May 19th 2018, Blanchard visited the pond to cover the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She recently introduced her incredible news quiz skills in the “final test” episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. She was unbeaten in February 2019 and won seven consecutive matches against respected colleagues including Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry

Lauren Blanchard’s Boyfriend, Dating, Married

The correspondent for Fox News is closely related to her personal life. So Lauren is married to Blanchard?

What are you aware of this prominent journalist’s personal life? Well, Lauren was not very open in sharing her life’s private details, but we have still been able to discover some interesting facts.

Lauren is currently alone and is fully concentrated on her growing career. She likes animals very much and has Isabel as a pet cat, whom she treated as a member of her family.

Lauren Blanchard’s Life

Blanchard also told her followers of the social media that her individual life was enjoyable. And in an interesting manner, she did so.

She’s an avid cat lover and enthusiast, according to Instagram and Twitter profiles by Lauren Blanchard. She’s a cat mama and even shared her pet cat pictures, Isabel, and she didn’t keep her feline love secret.

But Blanchard’s love for her fur babies some people misinterpret. She twisted her indignation over an e-mail from the firm that licensed her cat’s microchip on St. Valentine’s Day 2017.

Lauren Blanchard’s Salary, Net Worth

Lauren has been quite successful since the start of her career, and only her success has increased her richness. So, since early 2019, have you ever wondered how rich Lauren Blanchard was? Blanchard’s net worth was estimated to be as high as $300,000, which is quite impressive, according to reputable sources because she just started her career. Undoubtedly, in the coming years, her wealth will increase, if she carries on successfully.

Lauren Blanchard’s Height, Weight

Do you know how tall and how heavy is Lauren Blanchard? Okay, Lauren has 5 ft 7 in which is 1.7 m and about 136lbs or 62 kg in weight. But it’s clear that she has a fit body when she wondered about her critical statistics, for now there is no reliable information. She’s got blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Lauren Blanchard’s Instagram, Twitter

Over years, Lauren has gained considerable popularity on social media platforms, particularly in Instagram and Twitter. Her official Instagram page has more than 20,000 followers, including pictures from Fox Channel Studio, among a large number of other posts.

She shared her latest career efforts. Lauren on Instagram, with more than 8000 followers and a fascination with the season, shares her own thoughts, ideas and interests. Also active on Facebook, Lauren has nearly 4,000 fans.