John Amos is an American actor known as James Evans, Sr., on the Good Times TV series CBS and the 1977 Roots minisery, for which Emmy was nominated. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Admiral Fitzwallece's position as Admiral of The West Wing, and Mayor of Washington, DC ETHAN BAKER in the show "The District" are also part of Amos ' other television work. During the last few years, various actors worldwide have dedicated attention to the media. One of the iconic film names who set its own norm is John Amos.

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Who is John Amos?

John Amos is an American actor known as James Evans, Sr., on the Good Times TV series CBS and the 1977 Roots minisery, for which Emmy was nominated. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Admiral Fitzwallece’s position as Admiral of The West Wing, and Mayor of Washington, DC ETHAN BAKER in the show “The District” are also part of Amos ‘ other television work.

During the last few years, various actors worldwide have dedicated  attention to the media. One of the iconic film names who set its own norm  is John Amos.

Amos played Cleo McDowell, the father of Shari Headley’s daughter, Lisa McDowell in the 1988 film Eddie Mursphy Coming to America. During his four-decade career, Amos performed on Broadway and in several films. He was nominated for an Emmy Award in Primetime and an image prize in NAACP.

John Amos’s Bio, Wiki, Age

The son of Annabelle and John A. Amos Sr., automotive mechanic, were born in Newark on December 27, 1939, in New Jersey. He graduated from East Orange High School in 1958 and graduated from Long Beach City College in 1958. His diploma includes a degree in Social Women and Social Sciences from Colorado State University. The Colorado State Rams football team was also played by Amos. He was a boxing champion after college. His age is 81.

John Amos’s Career

Until his hiring as an artist, John first worked as advertising copy writer, a social worker at the Vera Justice Center in New York, and a semi-competing soccer player in the U.S. and Canada. In 1969, the job led to his employment as a staff author on the musical variety series of Leslie Uggams, when a stand-up comical was presented on his Greenwich Village tour. His legit stage debut was made in a 1971 L.A. The sitcom series “Norman, Is That You?” John continues to be nominated for “Best Actor” by Drama Critics from Los Angeles. He founded his own theatre, producing on tour “Norman, Is that You?.”

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He returned to New York the next year to take his first Broadway bow in “Tough To Get Support.” By that time, he had secured secondary employment as Gordy the weatherman on the classic Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970). His character stayed on the outskirts and after 3 disappointing seasons he left the show. On the bright sides, he won Norman Lear’s Maude (1972) by Bea Arthur with the recurring role of the sporadically unemployed Florida Evans, husband of the maid (played by Esther Rolle). The two characters were divided into their own popular series as Good Times (1974) leads parents.

Good Times

The Good Times (1974), a family sitcom in Chicago’s high-rise ghetto, was the first African-American-creating network show to be produced. But other people took over episodes that followed and John was increasingly irritated by the lack of quality of the scripts, and Lear took the lead. Once based on the importance of family values, Jimmie Walker’s dumb antiquities, as the impartial, egotistic, teenager-son JJ, became an enduring success on the series. John also started to challenge the superior and was released by 1976.

In the new epic mini-series, Roots (1977), one of the most solid and venerable television feature ever to hit television, Amos was swift to rebound when he won the nominated Emmy role of Adult Kunte Kinte. It was THE TV role of his career, but for other black actors he found it extremely difficult to achieve other quality roles. He tried his best to escape his way through the dark luggage and crime driven characters. He had to endure the mediocre (the guest-films of The Love boat in 1977, The A-Team, “Murder, She Wrote”) with the smaller parts (Willa (1979), and the movies The Beastmaster (1982) and Coming to America in 1988).

The bland (The Love Boat (1977), the “A-Team,” the “She Wrote” “Murder,” “One Life to Live”) was to survive. John also made several action-related films that were more focused on grain and testosterone than talent.

John Amos’s Awards

On the proscenium stage he found an answer to this dilemma. He won the NAACP Award as the best actor in 1985 in the play “Split Second.” He received great reviews of “The Boys Next Door” from the Berkshire Theatre, O’Neill’s highly-touched play “The Emperor Jones” and Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold and the Children” from Detroit.

John has also directed “Miss Reardon Drinks a Little” and “Twelve Angry Men” in Bahamas two well received productions. They are well received. She took over the name of Shakespeare in the “Twelfth Night” at Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare and received strong records at the Capital Repertory Company in Albany, New York at the end of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Fences.” Overseas he won acclaim from the Bristol Old Vic, England, for his role in a reported performance of The Life and Death of a Buffalo Soldier. The first of his “Halley’s Comet” series in 1990, an entertaining and compassionate US trip in the life of an 87-year-old, captured his dramatic career. The Second World War, the golden age of the radio, an early wave in civil  rights and when he was 11, a Comet sighting. He has written and directed  the series regularly, which continues in the 2007-2008 season. About a few years ago he had repeated sections on “The West Wing” and “The District” and was later published in the offbeat film “People in Trees” (2006).

John Amos’s Married, Wife, Children, Sons

The former wife of John Amos has two daughters and two children. The director, author, producer, publisher and girl Shannon Amos is a director, writer and producer of Son K.C. Amos. Amos is one big child, Quiera Williams, a granddaughter.

Three times in his life, John Amos married until now. In 1965 the artist and equestrian Noel Mickelson was his first marriage partnership.

But after 10 years of marriage in 1975, the former husband-wife divorced. He and Noel have together two children, Shannon Amos ‘ daughter and K.C’s son. Joy. Love. In addition, his daughter Shannon is a popular Afterglow Multimedia LLC writer / producer and foundress, while his son K.C. He’s a director of film.
In 1978, Lillian Lehman, his second wife, was married again. Although the marriage lasted just one year, the couple broke up in 1979.
Amos has shared with his third wife Elisabete de Sousa a happy married life since 1982.

John Amos’s Salary, Net Worth

Most of John Amos ‘ revenue was from his acting career as he addressed his net worth. In 2019, there was a net amount of $3 million for the former American footballer and professional. In fact, Amos bought a house with a size of 3,200 square feet, set in four acres of forest in Tewksbury, in the year 1990, at $337,500. In a secondary point in the Good Times and in several other TV shows and films. In recent years, 429,000 dollars was put on the market with the four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

John Amos’s Height, Weight, Social Media

John Amos is 5 feet and 11 inches tall height and weighs about 79 pounds. . His eye and hair are equally black. Other than that, his body measurements have no additional information. He’s 80 years old at the moment.
John’s active social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are also fairly active. It has 36 K Facebook followers and 22 K Instagram followers. With his family and friends he posts photos and videos of himself and his films and his television series in his social media.

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