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It’s not that unusual for the celebrity spouses to be involved in the public eye. Too often the media closely tracks the lives of the famous actors , musicians or athletes’ husbands or wives. Jill Tavelman has been the subject of many headlines because of her marriage to Phil Collins, who is the renowned drummer, rapper, and actor. In fact, Jill Tavelman became even more in the spotlight as their daughter Lily Collins became the successful actress.

Grab public coverage as the Grammy award-winning artist’s ex-wife Phil Collins. Jill Tavelman also is well known as the mother of actress Lily Collins.

Short Info:

Name: Jill Tavelman
Birth Date: April 9, 1956
Age: 64 years
Gender: Female
Country: America
Horoscope: Aries
Divorce: Phil Collins
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Birth Place: Los Angeles County, California
Status: Divorced
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Kids: Lilly Collins

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Jill Tavelman Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents

Raised on 9 April 1956 in Los Angeles County, California , USA, Jill Tavelman is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Her family background is unknown. Her age is 64 years old in 2020.

Jill Tavelman’s Career, Movies

She is an architect by trade, but has worked in Extra (1994). She began her private affair in July 2019. Tavelman opened an antique shop in West Hollywood , California.

Jill Tavelman’s Husband, Daughter

Jill Tavelman exchanged marital vows with her husband Phil Collins in the year 1984. Her married life had been full of ups and downs with Phil. Jill was Phil’s second wife following his divorce from Andrea Bertorelli.

Jill welcomed a daughter from their married life, Lilly Collins born with her husband on March 18, 1989. Like her father, her daughter Lilly is also a famous actress. Her husband Phil previously had been married to Andrea Bertorelli. Phil married Andrea ‘s life unfortunately could not be the last. The pair eventually divorced in the year 1996 after living together as a married couple for 12 years.

Jill Tavelman’s Divorced

Jill ‘s husband used one of the most brutal ways to end a relationship. Surprisingly, he broke up by sending an FAX to his wife to explain how he felt about them and their future, along with Lily, who was only five years old then. Jill has paid a whopping $17 million worth for divorce settlement since the divorce.

Jill Tavelman ‘s daughter Lilly disclosed a devastating tragedy when the book ‘Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Only Me’ was published. She extracts memoirs of her father in the novel, ‘Not Dead Yet,’ she reveals Phil’s cheat on her mother, i.e. John, John.

When her dad Phil sent her mother Jill the tragic FAX, he allegedly had an affair with a woman; for the second time. His first affair started in the year 1992. Her father Phil performed in LA and met Lavinia Lang, his childhood romance. He has written, “Seeing her: time stops, then rattles backwards, fast, dizzying, to dreams of adolescence. My surrounding mom, 3-year-old daughter and mother-in – law, I don’t worry about that. I know it makes me sound like a shallow right bastard to recount that. Yet I am not like this. I am completely loyal. Quite engaged. Her father Phil and Lavinia have both made a decision to divorce their partners. Lavinia, however, backed away from the plan in fear of losing her children. Her decision has unharmed her husband’s relationship. Ex-husband Jill Tavelman and his daughter Her father, Phil, remained loyal to his child but when Phil met Orianne Cevey, things changed. She currently works in Geneva as a translator. He has written, “I’m like a dog with two tails for the next couple of days but at the same time:

I’m about to head to Paris. And I’m going to meet my wife in Paris and our 5-year-old daughter, who’s flying in from London. What is it that I did? Ok, I do know what I did. I betrayed my wife and my infant. Once again. And I started sailing to dangerously uncharted waters. Fresh girlfriend of mystery ‘Meet Phil Collins.’

She is young enough to be his girlfriend.’ Ticks all the boxes of the midlife crisis.” “I’m trying to explain how I feel about ourselves, about the future. The most effective and quickest way to get the letter to her is by faxing rather than mailing it. So that is what I am doing.

Her father Phil left the family when he allegedly left a message of breakup on FAX. He then went on to marry Orianne in 199. Even their married marriage was only short-lived, as they agreed to divorce in 2008.

 Ex-Husband Unsettled Married Life

Phil had followed three broken marriages, he began dating Dana Tyler. She is currently working as a newsreader. He had also announced that he did not want to get married back in 2010, for the fourth time. If the wedding led to divorce, this meant Phil’s major loss of fortune.

Jill Tavelman’s Net Worth

Jill Tavelman gets media attention after he gets married to Phil Collins. The headline of the top news site was their divorced cycle with her husband. Jill Tavelman got an immense sum of money from the divorce settlement which is $17 million. So we can claim that Jill Tavelman ‘s approximate net worth is around $17 million her divorced got. She purchased a neighboring house worth $4 million more than the listed price because she paid a total of $12.4 million to keep the house from being transformed into a mega-home. She also owns and runs an antique shop in West Hollywood , California where she earns some money from. Mother of actors, Jill lives a lavish life.

Net worth of Jill Tavelman is calculated at around $25 million. Many of her earnings come from her architecture work. As an architect she reportedly receives between $60,550 and $10,680.

Who is Lily Collins?

The popular English-American actress Lily Collins, and Tavelman and Collins’ daughter, were born in 1989. She has won numerous awards in films such as Love, Rosie (2014), Rules Don’t Apply (2016), and To the Bone (2017), for her performances. Collins talks often of her friendship with Jill. She has said that one of the most important influences in her life is her mother, as well as being her greatest influence. Additionally, Lily said Tavelman is her best friend and biggest support. She also frequently shares pictures on her social media with Tavelman, and speaks about how proud she is of her mother-daughter relationship.

Jill Tavelman’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5′ 4 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a bodyweight of 55 kilograms. She has attracted brown eyes that are captivating and blonde hair makes her even more beautiful and enchanting.