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The professional motor sports driver Jackie Braasch is especially famous for the drag-car race. She is a member of Car Chix, which organizes all girls racing competitions for charities and others. Jackie is a pre-school teacher on her lesser-known side. In addition to her career, she finds herself as Major Chef’s friend Justin Shearer in the media spotlight for her connection. Follow us to learn more about the lady and about her Big Chief business.

Jackie Braasch’s Bio,Wiki, Age

She was born on 4 July 1990, 28 years old in Joliet, Illinois. They are American, even if they are racial, they are white American. Jackie was born into a supportive runner-up family, and her father engaged in younger racing. She was bound to like races, no wonder she took them by heart in her early age because of her childhood and her climate. Her father will take her to the race path when she grows up in Illinois and even when she comes out with the help of her hand in her garage.

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She has a lovely memory of ‘ 85 with her dad Chevy Camaro. When a little girl, she would support him by getting him instruments and whatever he wanted in the car in the garage. She wasn’t the only girl in the family who was watching her brother. Your friend, Erin Braasch, was also a sport lover. Although they all took part in the juniorship trials, Jackie and Erin were in high school. At the time Jackie was just 8 years old. During her teenage years, she retained her love for racing and was determined to become a sport professional. She grew to her own full-size dragging machine at the age of 17.

Jackie Braasch’s Married, Husband, Children

Jackie dates street car driver Justin Shearer of personality television. No information on her past affairs is available. He had two children with her and he was married to Alicia Shearer with Justin. The dating company and friendship Jackie and her boyfriend Shearer dated out of the spotlight with Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer. In the early 2017 newspapers, their ties started to emerge. They were seen together at many locations including race tracks but the affair was not reported. Justin was not allowed to come out because he married Alicia Shearer, his old friend.

Often it is not easy that celebrities are critical of the fame and personal life. Okay, no exception is Shearer. He faced questions about Jackie’s on- adultery and his ten- wife Alicia being unfaithful. Justin tried to be frank and transparent in the heart, and in The Chief and Shawn, he deals with the situation and marriage issue.

He once gave his girlfriend to the new girl (Jackie). The couple later saw “I love you” saying before Justin was on his way for the first round of Bristol race at the street outlaw season. He won the $100 K Grand Prix till the last race. Justin and his wife are now divorced but keep their kids in touch.

Jackie Braasch’s Career

Jackie has been fulfilling her vision of running from the beginning, and  inspires other women to do so, even though some have doubts. While she  was a teenager, she regularly won the Junior Dragster Division. 
She is regularly racing on her home town course, Joliet, Illinois Route 66  Raceway, in the Super Pro, at the Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series. In the 2014 Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race she was one of the top 12 runners, among 398 competitors. For the 2015 Car Chix Calendar, she was featured as Ms. May. 

Jackie Braasch’s Net Worth

Coming from a love of motorsports, Jackie has earned a lot of money from  her racing career to her net worth. The salary she earns as a wages was not publicly announced, but Jackie’s net worth as of 2019 was $500,000. The Dragster lives on her own a lavish life. She thanks the racing industry  so much for giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her talent. Jackie  receives even more over the next few days, because at just the age of 30 she has already done plenty. Some of her money comes from her auto races and some from her father’s garage to fix vehicles. It is believed that the total net worth of Jackie  Braasch is $1 million. Jackie’s husband, on the other hand, is around 3.5 million dollars net worth of Big President.

The blonde drag racer perfectly preserved her figure. But as big as you  think, she isn’t. Jackie weighs around 62 Kg (135 Lbs) with a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters). In addition, the details of her body are undisclosed.

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