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The wife of Larry Bird is Dinah Mattingly, the retired basketball player and mentor. Larry is one of the greatest basketball players of all time and now works as a basketball consultant. In 1989, Dinah married Larry Bird and since then the pair have been together. Dinah Mattingly was Corrie Bird’s step-mom following her marriage to Larry. 

Corrie has been born to Janet Condra in Larry’s first marriage. Two twins,  namely Mariah and Connor, were adopted by Dinah Mattingly and Larry  Bird. In 2013, their son Connor was arrested and accused of assassination.  Later, due to lack of evidence, he was released. Dinah Mattingly likes to  keep her profile low and is rarely seen at public events. She doesn’t like  hogging the limelight, contrary to her famous husband.

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Dinah Mattingly’s Bio,Wiki, Age

Dinah was born in the United States of America on November 16, 1954.  Dinah has attended the ‘ Indiana State University ‘ since her high school  education in Terre Haute, Indiana. Dinah has also managed to maintain a  low profile despite having married one of the best known basketball  players of all time. She is seldom seen involved in public activities and  basketball matches. Dinah is not active on social media, unlike other  prominent personalities. She is now living together with her husband in her home in Indiana. Her age is 66 years.

When she started dating Larry Bird in the 1980s, Dinah Mattingly increased her popularity. In Larry Bird’s new girlfriend the local tabloids and newspapers needed to learn more about her. Therefore, while hanging around with a famous basketball player, Denah will attract the attention of the paparazzi. She was also seen while Larry Bird was playing at various basketball courts in and around the US.

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Dinah Mattingly’s Married, Husband, Children

When studying in college, Dinah Mattingly met Larry Bird. Dinah and Larry both taught at Terre Haute’s Indiana State University. Dinah and Larry have been married in the late 1980s since dating for several years. They agreed to stroll down the aisle a few years back. On 31 October 1989 Dinah and Larry married in Indiana, USA. Their marriage was a small enterprise, as only close friends and relatives were present.

A son and a daughter were adopted by Dinah and Larry. In February 2013, when he was held in ‘ Indiana ‘ University, her son Connor Bird made headlines. Connor Bird was charged with an assassination attempt when he attempted to hit his father-with-law with his vehicle. He also faced other charges, such as drug possession, intimidation, and criminal malaise. Nevertheless, some of the charges were eventually dismissed and Connor was released. Dinah also has Corrie Bird, a stepdaughter. Corrie was born from the previous marriage Larry had had with Janet Condra on 14 August 1977.

Dinah Mattingly’s Salary, Net Worth

Dinah Mattingly how wealthy is she? Sources tell us that their efforts have been successful in over $1 million as of early 2019. Her wealth was also boosted by her husband’s prosperity as its net cost of $55 million is estimated. While her activities continue, her wealth is projected to continue to grow. But her husband Net Worth As above, the NBA player from Iconic is expected to have a net worth of $55 million in 2020. Throughout his play career, he earned an estimated annual salary of around $3 million. He won about $24,070,000 in his career. 
The salary Bird recorded was 1.8 million dollars for the 1988 season. In the 1991- 92, his salary amounted to 7,070,000 dollars, making him the first player to receive over 5 million dollars a year.

Dinah Mattingly’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.4 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 60 kilograms.

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