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Dietrich Hollinderbäumer-Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Bio

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer is the most famous actor from Germany to Sweden. For his role in Downfall, he is known as Robert Ritter von Greim.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer was born in Essen , Germany, on 16 August 1942. The mother of Sweden and the father of Germany were born to Hollinderbäumer.

His mother came to Germany and met her husband there. By 16 August 2020 Dietrich Hollinderbäumer will be 78 years old. He has job on many TV shows like Der Seerosenteich and Tatort is familiar to him.

He was born with Leo’s horoscope and has Swedish and German nationality. The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm was taught by Hollinderbäumer.

Short info:

Name: Dietrich Hollinderbäumer

Date of Birth: 16 August, 1942

Place Of Birth: Essen, Germany

Age: 77 years

Gender: Male

Horoscope: Leo

Nationality: German, Swedish

Education: Royal Dramatic Theatre

Career: Actor

Net Worth: $ 2 Million

Children: 2(Nele Hollinderbäumer, Seth Hollinderbäumer)

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: White

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Career, Actor

For a long time, he has worked in the world of acting. He appeared in many television movies and television shows that could not be described.

He is a tough worker who has given up his entire life in the world of acting and making it higher and rising in front of other fields. He worked at the Landestheater in Westphalia between 1968 and 1972.

He worked at Theater & Orchestra Heidelberg from 1978 to 1983. He worked at Vienna’s Burgtheater from 1983 to 1988.

He has worked in German films and TV programmes as an actress. Since 1974, he had begun his acting career. His first success area was in the television series, named after Graf Yoster.

His most recent concert is in a TV series called Dark which was filmed in 2019. He appeared in 81 television series and TV films.

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Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Filmogaphy

1974: Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre

1989: Seven Minutes 

1991: Die Männer vom K3 

1991: Eine erste Liebe

1991–2004: Ein Fall für Zwei 

1994: Die Kommissarin 

1997: Dr. Stefan Frank

1998: Tatort 

1998: Kommissar Rex 

1998: Vergewaltigt

1998: Tatort 

1999: SOKO 5113 

1999: Der Fahnder 

1999: Long Hello and Short Goodbye

1999: Medicopter 117

2000: Das Phantom 

2000: Tatort – Die kleine Zeugin 

2000: Når mørket er forbi

2001: Nur mein Sohn war Zeuge 

2001: Im Namen des Gesetzes

2001: Tatort

2001: Tatort

2001: Erkan & Stefan gegen die Mächte der Finsternis 

2002: Therapie und Praxis

2002: Shattered Glass

2002: The Hunt for the Hidden Relic

2004: Alarm für Cobra 11 

2004: Der Traum vom Süden 

2004: Einmal Bulle, immer Bulle

2004: Der Untergang

2004: Tatort – Abgezockt 

2004: Die Kreuzritter 9

2004-2009: In aller Freundschaft 

2005-2018: Pastewka

2006: Die Rosenheim-Cops

2006: Lulu

2006: Cologne P.D. 

2006: SOKO Kitzbühel

2006: Zwei am großen See

2006: Vier Minuten

2006: Joy Division

2006: Ein starkes Team – Zahn um Zahn 

2007-2017: Der Kommissar und das Meer 

2007: Wilsberg 

2007: Afrika, mon amour 

2008: Bella Block 

2008: Ein Ferienhaus in Marrakesch

2008: Putzfrau Undercover

2008: Der Besuch der alten Dame 

2008: Allt flyter

2009-2018: heute-show

2009: Diamantenhochzeit

2009: Augustinus 

2010: Countdown 

2010: Kreuzfahrt ins Glück

2011: Der kalte Himmel

2011: Der letzte Bulle 

2011: Försvunnen 

2011: Männer ticken, Frauen anders 

2011: Die Brücke – Transit in den Tod 

2011: Allein gegen die Zeit

2011-2015: Reiff für die Insel 

2012: Komm, schöner Tod 

2012: Die letzte Spur 

2012: Drei Stunden 

2012: Alles bestens 

2012–2014: Add a Friend 

2013: Küstenwache 

2013: Utta Danella 

2014: Weiter als der Ozean

2014: Real Buddy 

2015: Ein Sommer in Masuren 

2015: SOKO 5113

2016: Hubert und Staller (Unter Wölfen) 

2017: Der Kommissar und das Meer

2017: Rentnercops 

2017: Das Pubertier

2017: Angst – Der Feind in meinem Haus

2017: Schatz, nimm Du sie!

2019: Dark

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Awards

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012: Deutscher Comedypreis as member of television program heute

2010: Jury-Preis “Bester Kurzfilm über 15 Minuten” by Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 

2010: Adolf-Grimme-Preis as member of heute

2011: Deutscher Fernsehpreis as member of heute

2013: Deutscher Comedypreis as Best actor for Pastewka (Nominination)

2013: Adolf-Grimme-Preis for Add a friend

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Net Worth, Salary

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer with many online sources has a net profit of 2 million dollars. The German-Swedish star appeared during hundreds of television shows and films during his almost five decades long career.

Four years before making his debut as a professional actor in 1972 he worked at the Westfälische Landestheater in Germany.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer worked at the Theater & Orchestra of Heidelberg and the famous Burgtheater in Vienna , Austria before.

He has also made other films and TV credits including Joy Division, Demise, A case for Two, and Midnight recently.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Spouse, Children

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer has two children who both work in the film industry. Nele Hollinderbäumer, his first wife, is an actress who was born on October 18, 1970.

Her work in Double Partnership, Die Wache, and Banklady is well known. His second brother is a producer. He is Seth Hollinderbäumer, who was born in 1973.

He was a trainer in shows like Die Bergretter, Die Krankenschwestern and Tatort. In aller Freundschaft.

Yet both of them live a happy life in marriage. In addition, Hollinderbäumer was seen with his wife on the red carpet. They participated jointly in Berlin ‘s 2015 German Film Contest.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Personal Life

There are two sons of Hollinderbäumer, who are both actors. At the native level, he speaks Swedish and German, and fluently speaks English.

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer’s Height, Weight

His body has a flawless look that matches his beautifully oval profile. He is about 5 feet 9 inches tall at height and has a lean, curvy and desirable body weight of about 70 kg. His captivating dark brown eyes and white hair left him fascinated and enchanted.

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