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David Laid

David Laid is an Estonian-American fitness model bodybuilder and social Media personality, known mostly for his YouTube videos about transformation. It has over 935k followers on your Instagram profile and over 620k subscribers on your YouTube channel, originally designed with the username computer man91, for a completely different reason.

He has regularly discussed with his social media followers his workout routine. He runs for two hours daily for six days a week, and he also splits his training program into push, pull and leg exercises. He later became a Gymshark-sponsored athlete, boosting his social media success. He is also a model based in New York that performs freelance shows in the city.

David Laid’s Bio, Wiki

Born in Estonia in 1998, David Laid was an Estonian. At the age of 2 he lost a tragedy accident to his father, who sadly slipped away from the side of a docked boat and sustained fatal wounds. His mother was saddened by her loss, then she and David decided to live a better life, moving a few years later to the United States.

David Laid grew up losing his father at the age of two with self confidence problems that were exacerbated by the bullying he experienced during the years of his formation. In addition, scoliosis, a disorder that causes abnormal backbone curvature and can lead even to discapacity, was diagnosed at the age of 14.

Doctors recommended that he continue weight training in order to create more muscle mass. He decided to change his life when concentrating on fitness workouts. He was at that time a 14-year-old “frail, mean, near to emaciated boy” weighing just 90 livres.

David Laid’s Career

Until beginning his own journey, he has spent much time reviewing Youtube videos on weight training and diet. He only wanted to build trust in himself in the beginning and become confident with his own body. He began to exercise for physical growth and soon felled into the strength of his ideal body, which was an integral part of his transformation.

After shopping on YouTube with the video title ‘ David Laid 18 months of transform 14-15 years old,’ he became an internet sensation and posted on 13 December 2013. He subsequently posted the new video about his transformation called’ David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17,’ which had been uploaded on the 14th August 2015.

The channel has been gradually expanding in the last six years and now has a whopping 620k subscriber. The most common question any bodybuilder faces constantly is whether they make their mechanics normal or on steroids. It is also quickly the 1 million follower mark at Instagram. It’s no different for David Laid as he made his early videos famous.

He has been asked numerous times in the past about use of steroids, and while he has consistently denied this, many fitness blogs have made the effort, whether he or she tells the truth, to deduce the available evidence.
Ironically, during one of his most popular videos about steroids,’ aretheyonsteroids.com’ thoroughly selected him, enjoying twice,

In fact, it goes without saying repeatedly that it makes you not a bad person with steroids. He adds that those drug users who sell products that are baby and those who work professionally should be criticized. Funny, he doesn’t  do that.

At the Arnold Classic show he wore a’ Half Natty’ hoodie, perceived as either being on drugs at some point in time or taking low doses of steroids.
Most of his critics nonetheless agree that he has no obvious symptoms of steroids, and his physical condition is naturally achievable. In an interview with’ MEL Magazine’ it is important to note that.

David Laid’s Early Life

David Laid was born in Estonia, a Baltic country on the Russian and Latvian borders on January 29, 1998. At the age of two, when he fell from a cruise ship at a port, he lost his father in an accident. His mother moved to the US a few years later in search of a better life. In New Jersey also settled the family, which included him and his two younger brothers.

He underwent a sudden growth sprout during his young years, which made him very large and slender. He had a very low self-esteem because of his frail appearance, and was often the victim of bullying. He was then diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14 but he was finally prevented with a focused physical training from having serious consequences.

David Laid’s Nutrition

David also began his fitness career with the idea that a wide range of supplements would be necessary Yet he realized quickly that it was not. David  now maintains his additional stack with the following simple:

Whey Protein

David Laid’s Girlfriend, Dating

Laid is currently in relationship with Julia Jackson, a dancer and fitness enthusiast. David’s past romantic efforts are not very well known. Besides the occasional post to the social media, we know little about Julia’s relationship. He avoids answering personal questions, although he is an excellent gymnastic and celebrity.

David Laid’s Height

David Laid is about 187 lbs (85kgs), 6 ft 2ins (1.88 m) high, but this figure varies according to whether he is adding extra weight or trying to burn excesive fat tissue. Although he has been working for over seven years, Laid has kept a slim design, which refuses to become too big. Aesthetics and wellbeing are his goals, according to the man himself.

David Laid’s Salary, Net Worth

Did you ever wonder how rich David Laid is? He has a net value of over $125,000, earned to become a YouTube celebrity by mid-2019, and eventually created his own brand, according to several reputable sources. The sales of his eBook added also to his fortune.

If you look at his videos on YouTube, you can also presume that at least part of his income comes from advertisements put on them. Without a doubt of this number staying underestimated if he continues to work hard and build up his brand even further, and in the near future the’ real’ figure would increase considerably.

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