Courtney Miller Bio,Wiki, Age, Career, Salary, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, Dating, Married, Height

Courtney Miller is an American YouTuber linked to the Smosh channel, known for its funny comedy videos. She’s got a lot of attention as an actress and writer thanks to her stint with the show. Miller got popular on the Vine app first where she gained over two hundred thousand followers when it was shut down.

She’s been working on YouTube since then. Miller is a multi-talented lady, even running a single channel on the web. From the age of ten, she has written, edited and filmed. In writing and creating social media content, she possesses incredible skills.

Courtney Miller’s Bio,Wiki, Age

Courtney was born in California, USA on 19 June 1995 and has six brothers and sisters. Her father is divorced. Miller’s got Jango, a pet dog. Prior to leaving the job and doing an internship in the world of cinematography, she left college and worked in pharmacy

Courtney Miller’s Career

She’s also a singer who posts acoustic songs on the popular Snapchat app some times. At painting, she’s fantastic too. Miller is a family child, who grew up in a small city outside Malibu, California, with six brothers and sisters. Behind the curtains, she’s a caring, romantic, and daring woman.

Originally, Courtney Miller started as a Viner. In 2013, she started posting videos on the app and became moderately successful throughout the years. She was invited to join the Smosh YouTube network in her recurring cast in mid-2015.

Since September 2015 to May 2017, she was the host of the “Absolutely Super Dumb Sleepover” network with Olivia Sui. In July 2017 Miller and Sui were again confirmed to partner on the’ Whoa’ show! The show continued the following month to premiere.

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In the series’ Put it into My Mouth ‘ Courtney Miller was also the character of’ Food Girl’ until its cancelation in April 2017. She also is a professional FX maquillage artist and worked for a music video with Logan Paul, a YouTube personality.
Miller also maintains a solo, self-titled YouTube channel. The album cover and general vlogs are dedicated to the App, released on 27 May 2015. Because of its success over 214k subscribers have been gathered until now. The popular videos on the channel include’ Best Camp Ever!The W/ CLOUDTALK cover and’ Let Me Love You’ are definitely worth a look.

Courtney Miller’s Married, Husband, Boyfriend

She had Wahlid, a husband. In May 2018, the pair reportedly broke up. In the past, she collaborated with several winemakers, including Brandon Calvillo, Alex Ernst and Jake Moreno.

Miller is known to be one of Smosh’s most attractive women. Most think of her as Smosh’s most sexy woman. In relations with Shayne Topp and Wahlid Mohammad (2017-2018), Courtney Miller has been a leading player in the field.

Courtney Miller’s Salary, Net Worth

Courtney Miller is the U.S. YouTuber that has $100,000 –$1 million net worth since 24 years ago. The income source of Courtney Miller is primarily a popular YouTuber. She’s from United States, California. SMOSH’s author and actress who first got popular on Vine wins over 200,000 followers when the app is shut down. Courtney Miller is a part of youtuber and famous people on Net Worth Statistics.

Courtney Miller’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.6 inches in height and has a body weight of 52 kg.