Winifer Fernández is a talented young volleyball player, who won 2016 Pan American Volleyball Cup and was named best digger in the tournament. In 2016, she became popular when her internet videos and photographs came viral. The sleek, fast and knowledgeable athlete has won many loans, including winning the Pan-American Cup and the Gold Medals of the Bolivarian games in 2017. At the moment she is coaching Mirador Team team volleyball. Winifer Fernández is a Dominican Republic volleyball player who played in the FIVB World Club Championship 2015. Thanks of the gold medal victory at the 2016 Pan-American Cup, the Dominican rose in fame. She also has the 2012 U23 Gold Medal holder, which she was won in the FIVB World Grand Prix before her debut in 2012. Following her replay and training images, including a video, Fernandez became famous over the internet, which gained her much attention from people worldwide. Fernandez is a skilled, professional and beautiful guy. She's one of the sport's most stunning names. Winifer is a smart, intelligent, fast and consistent player. She has been awarded many honors and prizes throughout her career. Experience this famous sportsman's life now.

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Who is Winifer Fernandez? Winifer Fernández is a talented young volleyball player, who won 2016 Pan American Volleyball Cup and was named best digger in the tournament. In 2016, she became popular when her internet videos and photographs came viral. The sleek, fast and knowledgeable athlete has won many loans, including winning the Pan-American Cup and the Gold Medals of the Bolivarian games in 2017. At the moment she is coaching Mirador Team team volleyball. Winifer Fernández is a Dominican Republic volleyball player who played in the FIVB World Club Championship 2015. Thanks of the gold medal victory at the 2016 Pan-American Cup, the Dominican rose in fame. She also has the 2012 U23 Gold Medal holder, which she was won in the FIVB World Grand Prix before her debut in 2012.  Following her replay and training images, including a video, Fernandez became famous over the internet, which gained her much attention from people worldwide. Fernandez is a skilled, professional and beautiful guy. She’s one of the sport’s most stunning names. Winifer is a smart, intelligent, fast and consistent player. She has been awarded many honors and prizes throughout her career. Experience this famous sportsman’s life now. Don’t Miss: Joanna Pettet Bio, Wiki, Age Career, Married, Husband, Divorced, Parents, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Winifer Fernandez’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents Winifer Fernandez was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, province of Santiago, Dominican Republic, on January 6, 1995. She’s 25 years of age now. Unfortunately, Fernandez does not know much about parents, brothers and sisters, friends or the history of education. In 2013, she decided to pursue  business management. Winifer Fernandez is definitely the popular sportsman’s crush of many of  her male fans. Winifer prefers to keep it privately, even though many fans  question whether or not this lovely sportswoman is dating. Yet Fernandez is probably exceptional in terms of evaluating her social media and news  from sources. To date it doesn’t appear that she currently has a boyfriend….