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Bradford Dillman-Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki

In the 1959 ‘Compulsion’ film, Bradford Dillman was an American writer and actor best known for his cold role as a soldier.

Bradford Dillman’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Bradford Dillman had been born to Dean Dillman, a stockbroker, and Josephine on 14 April 1930 in San Francisco , California. Charles Francis Dillman and Stella Borland Dean were Bradford ‘s paternal grandparents.

The Naval Reserve of 1948. As a undergraduate, he was a member of the Yale Dramatic Association, Fence Club, Torch Honor Society, Orpheus and Bacchus Society, WYBC and Berzelius. He graduated from Yale with a BA in English Literature in 1951. Her death age is 87 years old.

Short info:

Name: Bradford Dillman

Date Of Birth: April 14, 1930

Place Of Birth: San Francisco, California, U.S

Age: 87 years old

Gender: Male

Father: Dean Dillman

Mother: Josephine

Horoscope: Aries

Nationality: American

Career: Actor, Author

Net Worth: $ 1.7 Million

Ex-Spouse: Frieda Harding

Wife: Suzy Parker

Children: Charles Dillman, Christopher Dillman, Dinah Dillman, Jeffrey Dillman, Pamela Dillman

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Date Of Death: January 16, 2018

Place Of Death: Santa Barbara, California, U.S.

Bradford Dillman’s Education

He taught at the Town School of Boys and St. Ignatius High School. Later, he attended Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, where he was interested in school theater productions. He enlisted in the U.S. while at Yale University.

Upon graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps as an officer candidate for training at Paris Island. In September 1951, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

While he was preparing to go to war in Korea, his orders were changed, and he spent the remainder of his time in the Marine Corps, from 1951 to 1953, teaching contact at the Instructors’ Orientation Course. The first lieutenant was discharged in 1953.

Bradford Dillman’s Career, Actor

Bradford started his career in theatre, acting in some classics, and then had a long-term relationship with ’20th Century Fox.’ He also worked in a variety of successful TV series for the network.

And though he had a good and significant role in his initial film ventures, Bradford ‘s films struggled to do well. Also the title character in ‘Francis of Assisi’ (1961) could not do much about his declining career because of his prim and poor script.

Despite this, Bradford was positive and accepted almost any position, just to support his family. Bradford has since written two novels. One of them was a self-critical view of his career, which he found to be despective as the role of a used-car salesman in the American social order.

The first film of Bradford was ‘The Scarecrow’ in 1953. He then appeared as the author’s alter ego, ‘Edmund Tyrone,’ in Eugene O’Neill’s four-act play ‘Long Day’s Journey through the Night’ in 1956, which won him his first ‘Theater World Award.’

Subsequently, he made his TV debut in 1955, with a single-episode role as an MP policing the city of Augusta, Georgia, in the television series ‘The Big Picture.’ In 1957, in her Hallmark Hall of Fame’ television adaptation by Robert E, actor-writer Katharine Cornell cast Bradford.

Sherwood’s ‘Pulitzer Prize,’ a 1940 three-act play ‘There Shall Be No Night’ for ‘NBC.’ Bradford was part of the film adaptation of Françoise Sagan’s melodrama ‘A Certain Smile’ (1958) as ‘Bertrand Griot.’

He was then seen in the wartime melodrama ‘In Love and War’ (1958), which starred him as ‘Scott,’ an academic of a wealthy family. He was also part of the crime thriller ‘Compulsion’ (1959), which starred him as ‘Artie Strauss.’

He shared the ‘Best Actor’ award with his co-stars Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles at the Cannes Film Festival, for this film success. After the lead role of Canadian officer ‘Captain Paul Raine’ in the ‘CinemaScope’ British War Film ‘A Ring of Deception’ (1960), Bradford played the dual roles of ‘Larnier’ and ‘Claude’ in ‘Crack in the Mirror’ (1960) in the box office.

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Bradford played ‘Francis Bernardone,’ a leading role in ‘DeLuxe CinemaScope’ film ‘Francis of Assisi’ (1961). He left ’20th Century Fox’ and appeared in two episodes of the ‘NBC’/’CBS’ anthology ‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ and the ‘ABC’ crime procedural ‘Court Martial’ (1965–1966).

He was also a guest-starred in several episodes. He starred as ‘Luther Sebastian’ in the two-part episode of the ‘NBC’ spy fiction ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,’ a role he played in the film version ‘The Helicopter Spies’ (1968). He was appearing as’ Prof. James Beldon’s ‘ABC’ Western ‘The Great Valley’ (1996 and 1967).

At this point, Bradford appeared in a few films and played a major role in most of them. He played as ‘Sidney Tate’ in ‘A Rage to Live’ (1965), ‘Capt.’ David Young in ‘Sergeant Ryker’ (1968) and ‘Captain Barnes’ in ‘The Bridge at Remagen’ (1969).

Bradford played a Bostonian painter named ‘Richard Upton Pickman’ in the opening act of ‘NBC’ anthology ‘Night Gallery’ (1971), based on ‘Pickman’s Model,’ a 1926 novel by H.P. Lovecraft. Bradford played a major part in TV movies in the last decade of his career.

It was seen as ‘Paul Varney’ in ‘Fear No Evil’ (1969), ‘Andrew Rodanthe’ in ‘Night of the Wolf’ (1972) and ‘Steven Dennis’ in ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ (1973). He worked as a ‘Dr. during this period. Lewis Dixon in ‘Escape from the Planet of the Apes’ (1971), ‘Manfred Steyner’ in ‘Silver’ (1974), ‘James Parmiter’ in ‘Bug’ (1975), ‘Capt.

Jerome McKay in ‘The Enforcer’ (1976), ‘Paul Grogan’ in ‘Piranha’ (1978), ‘Captain Briggs’ in ‘Sudden Impact’ (1983), and ‘Stuart Dobler’ in ‘Lords of the Sea’ (1989). Bradford’s last big role was in the ‘CBS’ crime drama ‘Murder, She Wrote’ episode in 1995.

He made eight guest appearances in the show. An avid football fan, Bradford wrote ‘Inside the New York Giants’ (1995), which has been ranked by the team since 1967. And he wrote his memoirs, ‘Are you, anybody? : Actor’s Life (1997).

Bradford Dillman’s Wife-Suzy Parker

Bradford Dillman Wife

Suzy Parker was an American model and actress from 1947 to the early 1960s. Her modeling career reached its zenith in the 1950s, when she appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines and in commercials and film and television roles.

She has featured in many Revlon ads as well as in commercials for several other beauty companies, including Solo Cosmetics, the largest hair care product company in the country at the time. (Until Lauren Hutton and Karen Graham in the early 1970s, Models did not have ‘unique’ cosmetic companies).

In 1956, at the height of her modeling career, she became the first model to earn $100,000 a year ($940,000 today). A song that The Beatles wrote for her, although not released on record, appeared in their 1970 documentary film Let It Be, which earned the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Bradford Dillman’s Net Worth, Salary

Bradford Dillman’s net worth and salary: Bradford Dillman is a movie star with a net worth of $2 million.

Being one of Hollywood’s most prolific stars, he has earned more than 500 credits over his 40-year career in film and television.

He started his film career with a role on A Certain Smile, and continued to star in notable titles including The Iceman Cometh and Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

Bradford Dillman’s Personal Life

Dillman married Frieda Harding between 1956 and 1962 and had two children with her. He met with actress and model Suzy Parker during the production of A Ring of Deceit (1960).

The married couple had three children, Dinah, Charles and Christopher, on April 20, 1963. The wedding lasted until the death of Parker on 3 May 2003. Dillman is the cousin of the famous Aimee Crocker mystic, writer and heir.

Dillman has been living in Montecito, California for several years, helping to raise funds for medical research. He died of pneumonia complications in Santa Barbara , California, on 16 January 2018, at the age of 87.

Bradford Dillman’s Height, Weight

His body has a flawless look that matches his beautifully oval profile. He is about 5 feet 11 inches tall at height and has a lean, curvy and desirable body weight of about 70 kg. His captivating dark brown eyes and black hair left him fascinated and enchanted.

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