Barbara Minty was a former American model, author, and photographer best known as Steve McQueen's third wife. She's been one of the top-paid models in America during her heyday. She has appeared at many magazines and has also appeared in many advertisements.

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Barbara Minty was a model, author and photographer of the United States, better known as the third wife of Steve McQueen. She’s been one of the top-paid models in America during her heyday. She has appeared at many magazines and has also appeared in many advertisements.

After meeting Steve McQueen, her career flashed away as they were traveling a lot. After her death in 1980, she left the show business and focused on bringing up her 2 children. Her modeling career was short and her personal life in the show industry was little written about. Later, she wrote ‘Steve McQueen: The Last Mile.’

Her book helped her resolve the death of her friend. Because the cancer of her husband was linked to asbestos exposure, she joined the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to raise awareness of the fatal side effects of the material. She was also seeking to ban asbestos in its entirety.

Short Info:

Name:Barbara Minty
Birth Date: June 11, 1953
Age: 67 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Model, Author, Producer
Country: United States
Horoscope: Gemini
Husband: David Brunsvold, Late Steve McQueen
Net Worth: $15 Million
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington
Status: Married
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Education: Corvallis High School

Barbara Minty’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents

Barbara Minty was born in Seattle , Washington, on June 11, 1953, but when she was very young she moved her family to Corvallis, Oregon. She was a dairy farmer and her dad was raised on a farm.

In 1971, she finished high school in Corvallis. She was involved at this time in making money to buy a ranch of hers, where she wanted to keep a lot of animals. Instead she said, “yes” instantly, when she got a call from Nina Blanchard and Eileen Ford to give her the chance to become a model.

She packed her bags and went to New York to Barbara Minty. She has been a top model and a number of magazines, among them ‘Sport Illustrated,’ ‘Glamour, ‘Cosmopolitan,’ were published in the last few years.

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Barbara Minty’s Career

Barbara Minty has been signed by Nina Blanchard and Eileen Ford for a modeling deal within a few months from her high school degree. She moved to New York and started a short but distinguished modeling career. Many advertisements saw her.

She was one of the highest paid models of her time and one of the most popular. She appeared in popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, “Glamour,” “Vogue,” “Sports Illustrated,” and “Harper’s Bazaar,” which reduced her workload to a large extent after she met Steve McQueen. She had no new modeling or advertising assignment after her marriage. She eventually retired completely from the show business after her death. It took her almost 25 years to overcome the death of McQueen.

She wrote a 2006 book on her husband, Steve McQueen — The Last Mile. The book examines her lives with McQueen for three and a half years. It contains numerous pictures of her and her friends and colleagues.

She appeared in 2007 to promote this book at ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’ In 2007 she started holding art exhibits in her work and took photos from the Barbara Minty McQueen. She has had shows in London , Liverpool, Hamburg and Also in San Francisco, Phoenix and Nashville. She joined the Organization for Awareness of Asbestos Disease in 2012.

Barbara Minty’s Husband, Children

Her life had a magnificent turn in 1977. She got an invitation from her agent, Nina Blanchard, who told Steve McQueen that she was in a Club Med advertisement for her and wanted her to audiences for a role for an Indian princess in his next project, “Tom Horn.” The meeting was 2 hours long and her dark blue eyes lay in love with her. 

On January 16, 1980, they were married. But that year he was diagnosed with a type of cancer called pleural mesothelioma. Throughout its ordeal, Barbara Minty and McQueen were here, and she was by her bedside when he died on 7 November 1980.

At the time she was just 28, and her death killed her. Her attention focused on raising her twins, Terry and Chad. She was leaving the show business. The children are both well-established in life today. For McQueen, she had no children of her own. She married David Brunsvold a couple of years after his death. On him, little is known. We have no children together. She now lives and enjoys a happy life in Idaho.

She sold a land McQueen had left for her and bought a shopping center at Twin Falls, Idaho, with that money. From this shopping center she earns beautiful revenues.

Barbara Minty’s Salary, Net Worth

Barbara Minty ‘s estimated net value is around $15 million. She was one of the most paying 1970s models. She earned more than $99,000 as a model annual wage. Similarly, after becoming an on-demand model, she dominated hundreds of magazines as well as publicities in the 1970s. Barbara gained an immense amount of money and great recognition from her modeling career.

As a writer and model, she would have earned more money for her work. She works as a maker of documentary films and receives a fair amount from her current career. His late husband Steve McQueen, on the other hand, had an estimated net value of $30 million. She also lives from her earnings a lavish life. No descriptions of her house, home and automobiles.

Barbara Minty’s Books

She is also an author for her own book “Steve McQueen The Last Mile” with documents of her love story and her film icon. It gives the stories of the hundreds of photographs she has photographed.

Her work has been displayed in Liverpool, London , Tokyo, San Francisco, Nashville, Phoenix and Boise, Idaho. She has started hosting art exhibitions since 2007. In addition, she worked in the Association for Asbestos Awareness.

Barbara Minty’s Height

Her body figure is fine and suits her beautiful face perfectly. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall in height decently and has a slim, curved, and lovely figure with 60 kilograms in body weight. She has attracted brown eyes, which make her stunning, enchanting and sweet. Her hair color is blonde.

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