Aya Sumika Bio,Wiki, Age, Career, Salary, Net Worth, Husband, Married, Height, Media, Instagram, Children

Aya Sumika is a fashion designer and American actress. Since starring as Liz Warner in aNumb3rs TV series, she came to light. After appearing like Liz Warner on TV serial Numb3rs, Aya Sumika is an American actress and fashion designer who rose to fame. Likewise, in presenting Lennie Rose, Aya appeared as Stella.

Aya Sumika is among the few actresses who managed with some movies and TV series to stay in the spotlight. She has worked notably in Hawaii as Linh Tamiya andNumb3rs as Liz Warner. Until retiring from her acting career, she worked for 6 years in exhibition company.

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Aya Sumika Bio,Wiki, Age

Her dad is German and mum, Midori is Japanese, she has mixed ethnicity. She was born on 22 Aug 1980 in Seattle, Washington, the USA as Aya Sumika Koenig. She attended the Northwest School in Seattle when she talked about education. Later Aya went and studied dance at Juilliard School in New York. She is 40 years old

Aya Sumika’s Career

Until entering the entertainment industry, Aya used to work in New York City as a waitress. Aya is also a professional life artist. Then she made her debut on a small screen in 2004 with a Hawaiian television series. Linh Tamiya played the part. Aya was seen as Lori in Bloodlines in the same year.
Then Liz Warner’s character was recognized by her inNumb3rs, a crime drama series. The series was transmitted between 2005 and 2010. The seasons are six and there are 118 episodes.

The MIDORI Ribbon company was founded in 1989, together with their husband. It was developed by Aya’s mother and deals with ribbon-based mode and designs. It is based in California, Los Angeles.
High quality ribbon is imported from around the world and premium quality donations are made. The company Most businesses and brides enjoy these wraps. It also has a website of its own.
Net Worth, Salary Aya Sumika This actress has an estimated net worth US$ 700,000. Her house was listed in Apartment Therapy House Tour, a lifestyle blog and publishing company.

Aya Sumika’s Movies

In the 2004 film Bloodline, in which Sumika was a Lori, she had her first role. She appeared on Hawaii the same year on the TV, playing the lead role of Tamiya Linh; she shared the screen with actors such as Biehn, Atkins Sharif and Tagawa Cary-Hiroyuki.

In the 2006 showNumb3rs, she won a huge popularity with actors like Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch and Peter MacNicol. She shared the frame. She worked as a Stella in the 2006 TV film Lennie Rose.

Aya has been employed for six years in the entertainment company. Eventually, she focused on a business that her mother had founded. She is the chief executive and also co-ownerof Midori Inc.

Aya Sumika’s Salary, Net Worth

Aya Sumika had a brief but successful stage career with a fair amount of money for her acting. Her job in the entertainment industry and her own company Midori has earned an estimated net worth $700 thousand.

Her work on television,Numb3rs, won the 39-year-old actress very well, playing Liz Warner’s main role for 40. Her accurate earnings in the series are not revealed, but hundreds of thousands of dollars have been earned from the series.

After her acting career she began her career as a luxury lifestylecompany co-owner Midori. Sumika is also the company’s president. Current profits from the company are valued at 100 000 dollars annually. An actress ‘ average salary is between $37 K to $80 K per annum.

Aya Sumika’s Height, Instagram

Aya Sumika has dark brown eyes and body weight 55 kg. She has dark brown hair, of course. It is 5 feet high and 9 inches high.

With around 462 followers and more than 1,9k tweets, Aya’s Midori Ribbons company is active on Twitter. It’s got about 1.1k followers and about 470 shares in Instagram.

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Aya Sumika’s Married, Husband, Children

Aya Sumika’s a married woman. She has shared her vows with her high  school boyfriend Trevor John in 2007. Trevor’s a businessman.

As we said previously, the married woman is Aya Sumika. She was married to Trevor John, a businessman. In an intimate ceremony in 2007, the pair exchanged the wedding vows.
The duo are co-owners of a fashion and design company, MIDORI Ribbon, oriented towards ribbon. The Los Angeles, California company offers goods made in America. Both are parents of Misa, a lovely daughter born in 2012.