Arthur Clutterbuck Bio, Sibling, Career, Parents, Mother, Father, Net Worth, Height

The star kid is Arthur Clutterbuck. As the son of English actor Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson, he was renowned.
Arthur Clutterbuck is a British actor best known for being on the’ The Walking Dead ‘ television show. He and his wife and family enjoy a happy married life, consisting of two children.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Bio, Sibling,Parents, Mother

Arthur Clutterbuck is the son of Andrew Lincoln, a British actor, and Gael Anderson’s wife. He was born in 2010 and is eight years old, according to the data from the wiki. He has no siblings other than an older sister, Matilda Clutterbuck, who is about 13 years old. The specifics of his birthday, apart from his name and history, are still very sketchy. Arthur may have begun his elementary school already, but data is uncertain about and the name of the school in which his name is registered. His elder sister Matilda is now 11 and may be in a class now as well.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Career, Parents

Notwithstanding his young age, Arthur Clutterbuck gained global recognition. His father is the famous British actor Andrew Lincoln, also in Hollywood, who has gone and made a name. He landed in 2010 in a leading role in the’ Walking Dead ‘ TV series, and the series became very successful.

The series received the highest Nielson ratings in the history of cable TV. He had received rave reviews from the reviewers along with the show primarily for his appearance in the series as Rick Grimes. Andrew is also the recipient of several honors and was also nominated for other awards.

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It also happens that Arthur’s wife, Gael Anderson, is popular, but not like his uncle. She is the wife of Ian Anderson, the Jethro Tull music band’s longtime flutist and vocalist. On June 10, 2006, the pair shared a resounding romantic date and tied the knots together. The pair has two kids; Arthur’s son and Matilda Clutterbuck’s mother.

Okay, for performers to take a screen name from the real name is a regular practice in Hollywood. Many well-known actors and actresses had a different screen name than their real name; and Arthur’s father Andrew was no exception and took Andrew Lincoln’s name when he was in the school of drama. His real name was Clutterbuck’s Andrew Paul.Once, when he checked in a Los Angeles hotel, his father had an interesting experience, and the concierge asked his name.

The helper was surprised to learn the truth when his dad said it was Andrew Clutterbuck. Andrew Lincoln feels that from all the media and paparazzi sometimes it allows him to be anonymous. In reality, he is very proud of his family and is proud to say that his kids are also taking up the surname Clutterbuck.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Height

The color of the face of Arthur is hazel and the color of the hair is brown. There’s not much detail about his height, weight, shoe size, etc. on social media. He’s not using Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Net Worth

The net worth of Arthur is undisclosed, but the net worth of his father is $16 million. Did you notice, however, that our Editorial Team is reviewing Arthur Clutterbuck Estimated Net Worth for 2020 to 2025.

We will continue to review this site with income, net worth, and career earnings from Arthur Clutterbuck for years to 2025. As soon as they are ready, the figures will be changed. Our application is based on an estimate of the salary or annual income of Arthur Clutterbuck as a renowned actor.

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