Andrew Siwicki

Andrew Siwicki Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Hobby, Instagram

Andrew Siwicki is the founder, filmmaker and actor of American internet content. He collaborated with various colleagues, including Garrett Watts, Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson, “YouTuber.” Andrew allows his friends usually to create and edit content on their respective platforms.

He also works in some of these videos occasionally. Andrew hasn’t got his own channel’ YouTube’ yet. His Instagram page includes more than a million users. Andrew has worked in a few TV series as a director and actor.

Andrew Siwicki Bio, Wiki, Age

Andrew was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 7, 1992. Andrew was selected as the student manager of men and women’s golf programs. In 2016, he was named’ Nord Illinois University.’ He also led his school’s men’s basketball team. He is running 28 yrars old.
The music loves Andrew. Luke Wieting is his most famous composer. Andrew’s favorite all-time movie is’ Obsessed,’ an American Thriller from 2009. He likes the late-night talk show’ Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco.’ Andrew loves video games, and his favorite game of the time is’ Gran Turismo’ as well. David Freese is Andrew’s favorite baseball player.

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Andrew Siwicki’s

The script and editing were always of great interest to Andrew. Bevor he became a social media celebrity, he interned with a variety of well known companies such as “Demi & Cooper Advertising,” “Lily’s Talent Agency” and “William Morris Endeavour,” and began his career in social media with “Vine.” He helped his friends “Viner” to make videos as well. Andrew switched to’ YouTube,’ after the application was shut down; he continued to help his friends create videos and sometimes introduced them in a few. He cooperated with many influencers of the social media, including Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson.

Andrew’s most impressive partnership was the famous “YouTuber,” the author and comedian, Gabbie Hanna. Soon they were rumored to be in touch. The dated actress Megan Batoon was also believed to be by Andrew.
On’ Snapchat’ and’ Instagram,’ Andrew is pretty active as well. Over a million followers received his’ Instagram’ posts. He’s got more than 401,000 followers on’ Wikipedia.’ Andrew didn’t yet establish his own “YouTube” page, although he had such an incredible fan following it. Andrew is also an independent music producer and has a SoundCloud page.

Ricky Montgomery is good friends of Andrew and’ Vine’ star. In the comedy series ‘ Ricky Montgomery’s Vlog ‘ 2016 Andrew worked as a director with Ricky. He was part of the series as well. Next he was shown on the 2018 “The Truth About Tanacon” TV series and in a few episodes of the’ Shane’ comedy series.

Andrew Siwicki’s Instagram

He worked with famous stars like Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson. On Instagram alone, he earned more than 958k followers. He is also a music producer, apart from his social fame. In the videos posted by popular YouTube star, Gabbie Hanna, he received a lot of attention as well. There was a lot of speculation, but there was just speculation, because they never got involved. Although he has such a large fan base, his YouTube channel has not started until now.

Andrew Siwicki’s dating, Girlfriend

Andrew is currently probably alone, rather than in a link. In the past, though, he dated Megan Batoon, a choreographer who is around 2 years older. Furthermore, Gabbie Hanna was also rumored to participate when he was featured on one of her videos. However, none of them has ever confirmed the rumours.

Andrew Siwicki’s Salary, Net Worth

As a cinematographer in different TV series his annual average salary is between $27,000 and $59,000, while Instagram generates from $3,2000 to  $5,400 per mail as social media. Siwicki is an approximate net contributor  to $500,000 in his career in film production.

Andrew Siwicki’s Hobby

Andrew Siwicki played video games especially Gran Turismo during his free time. In addition, although he watches them at his leisure, he has shown a keen interest in baseball and baskey. His son, David Freese, was discovered and his Chicago Bulls are sponsored. Sweet music is also his favorite melody and Luke Weiting loves listening to him.

He has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly ovel beautiful face. He is decently tall around 5.11 inches in height and he maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 82 kilograms.

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